About the Paradigm Theme 2

Paradigm comes in 2 different flavors Helvetica (the white one) and Midnight (the black one). The theme is completely customizable including the following:


Colors & Background

Paradigm gives you the option to customize all aspects of the shops' colors. You can fully customize the colors of the text, links, navigation and buttons and many more. Whether you are looking for a custom background or a solid color; you have the option to use either. 

  • Choose a solid color or an image background
  • Link, button and navigation text colors
  • Border colors
  • Sale icon colors
  • Sub-category tag colors
  • Footer colors


This is where you get to showcase your store. Paradigm is filled with ways you can feature content on the homepage. Looking to feature many collections or just a set of featured products? You can even do both. If you have content you would like to showcase this can be done on the homepage as well. Last but not least - you can visually enhance your shop showcasing a slideshow and up to 3 images below the slideshow.  

  • Display categories
  • Display featured products
  • Put in extra content in the 2 text columns provided
  • Put up to 5 images (with links) in the slideshow and control the speed of the slideshow
  • Display 3 small images below the banner (with links)

Header + Logo

Paradigm has a unique Navigation in which you can show a main Navigation but also 3 more sets of links above it. 

  • Edit your main navigation
  • Insert extra links above the main navigation
  • Upload your own logo (doesn't matter what size)

Credit Cards + Footer links

  • Customize the list of credit card icons
  • Customize the list of social media icons

How subcategories/tags to display

To get tags to display right below the main nav (like this) you need to link up the collection in your main navigation. If the collection isn't in the main navigation then subcategories won't work. Make sure you add tags to your products.