About the Paradigm Theme

Paradigm comes in 2 different flavors Helvetica (the white one) and Midnight (the black one). The theme is completely customizable including the following:

Colors + Background

  • Choose a solid color or an image background
  • Link, button and navigation text colors
  • Border colors
  • Sale icon colors
  • Sub-category tag colors
  • Footer colors

Frontpage (homepage)

  • Display categories
  • Display featured products
  • Put in extra content in the 2 text columns provided
  • Put up to 5 images (with links) in the slideshow and control the speed of the slideshow
  • Display 3 small images below the banner (with links)

Header + Logo

  • Edit your main navigation
  • Insert extra links above the main navigation
  • Upload your own logo (doesn't matter what size)

Credit Cards + Footer links

  • Customize the list of credit card icons
  • Customize the list of social media icons


  • Choose the number of products show on each page

How subcategories/tags to display

To get tags to display right below the main nav (like this)  you need to link up the collection in your main navigation. If the collection isn't in the main navigation then subcategories won't work. Make sure you add tags to your products.

How to add a dropdown menu

This was a new feature added to the Paradigm theme on January 26th, if you purchased the theme you can get the new version by downloading it again (you will not be charged again). Please make sure you back up your existing theme before you overwrite it with the new version (any customizations you made to the theme will be overwritten).

1) Head on over to the navigation tab and create a new link your main navigation's link list (mine is called "Example dropdown")

2) Now you want to create a new link list by clicking "Add link list" at the top. Name the newly added link list EXACTLY the same way as the name of the link in the new link list (so in this example we are going to call it "Example dropdown")

3) Scroll down to where your new link list is created and click "Add link" at the bottom of our newly created link list. The links inside of our "Example dropdown" link list will be the links inside of the drop down.


4) Now go to your store front and hover over your link to reveal your spiffy new drop downs. If you change the name of the dropdown's parent link (in this case it's "Example dropdown") you must make sure that the handle of the link list ("Example dropdown") is exactly the same.